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Frambies save argentinian rainforest


 with people & planet 

We didn't want to settle for a product with a minimal impact on the environment. Instead, we went above and beyond to make one with a truly positive impact. With FRAMBIES, you are actively contributing to a healthier planet with every bite!

Our commitment with the planet

We work together with 

Our partner Banco de Bosques

... an NGO based in Argentina, dedicated to save the last remains of native rainforests under critical threat, turning them into national parks and wildlife sanctuaries (

The current project is located in Misiones, Argentina.

Check it out on Google Maps: Curvas del Urugua-i

We save the argentinian rainforest

How does it work?

Our chocolate

Our chocolate: organic, BIO and Fair

All our chocolates are 100% organic and sustainably produced, so that the natural resources are preserved for future generations.

The cocoa for our delicious chocolate covering is bought by our chocolate partner directly from the cocoa farmers in Ghana, for a higher price than the established international Fairtrade level. Long-term contracts and relationships give the cocoa farmers additional security.

Our raspberries

Our raspberries: BIO, fresh and full of flavour

Our raspberries come from small Swiss farms, empowering local communities and reducing transport emissions.

They are 100% organic, natural and full of flavor. 

Our cups

Our labels 

100% biodegradable packaging

Our cups and lids are made of cardboard obtained from certified sustainable forestry (FSC) with an inner coating made of Bio-PLA.

100% biodegradable packaging

They are completely biodegradable, compliant with DIN13432.

Compostable labels

Our labels are made from dried grass fibers and FSC-certified cardboard.

Compostable labels

This highly environmentally-friendly material is also
compostable and free from pollutants and allergens.

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